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Abú Media are closing out one of our busiest years to date. The team have worked incredibly hard to produce what we hope to be fantastic content for our screens for 2012. “It’s been a hectic year”, comments Pierce Boyce, “but I think it has all been well worthwhile. And once again we have delivered a hugely diverse range of programming which we always enjoy doing, there are quiz shows, reality series, lifestyle, big concept Documentaries and lots of animation”.

This year has seen among other things 66  x ½ hours of Bog Stop, our kids Quiz Show delivered to RTE, another 13 x ½ hours of Garraí Glás to TG4, a new 6 part reality series about aspiring jockeys “Dushlán na Marcach” for TG4, a major BAI / TG4 funded music series called “Guth” that is 6 x ½ hours for 2012 TX, Cluain Tarbh, our epic revisit of the Battle of Clontarf and the Rise of Brian Boru that was also funded by TG4 and the BAI through the Sound and Vision scheme.

As well as all of this we also produced over 200 hours of dubbed animation and reversioned programming to TG4 and RTE among which is old favourite Fraggle Rock that was some fun to do. Everyone has been going around singing the theme tune for months, - “……. down at Fraggle Rock”. You know it!

What’s in store for 2012?

Next year we are looking to shoot our first full feature film Oícheannta Sí, that has been written by Dathai Keane and will be produced in-house. We also have secured funding for a follow up to our IFTA Award winning series on 1916 but this series of 7 x 40 mins will focus on the other 7 men executed in Kilmainham along with the original 7 Signatories and is called 1916 Seachtar Anaithnid.

We are also doing more Bog Stops (66 in fact), loads of animation dubbing, a social history series for TG4 and we are just waiting on green light for a few more projects in the new year.