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 Well its a busy autumn schedule for us and TG4 with no less than 4 major series being provided by Abú Media.


First off is the amazing TG4 / BAI funded series Guth outlining how Irish diaspora have shaped the world of popular music from the 1930's right up to the present. This 6 part series looks at a different person in each episode and era starting off with BIng Crosby before following up with Dusty Springfiled, John Lennon, Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), Morrissey and the Gallagher Brothers being the final story we tell. This series starts to broadcast on TG4 from 26th September at 930pm.


Next off the blocks is Croí an Cheatar, another BAI / TG4 project. This 6 part series looks at the effects on small local communities when a major businesss or employer pulls out of the region for economic reasons. We look at Ford in Cork, Sugar Factory in Tuam, Mining in KIlkenny, Beamish and Crawford again in Cork, Ranks Flour MIlls in Limerick and Gaeltarra knitwear in Tourmakeady. Transmission starts on October 10th at 8pm.


Then 1916 Seachtar Dearmadta, the  follow up series to our IFTA winner 1916 Seachtar na Cásca, starts broadcasting on November 6th at 930pm. in this landmark 7 part series we highlight the other 7 men exectuted in Kilmainham after the 1916 Easter Rising. These men have been largely lost to history until we now tell their stories. Each episode covers one man - WIllie Pearse, Major John McBride, Michael Mallin, Ned Daly, Sean Hueston, Michael O Hanrahan and Con Colbert. This series is another BAI / TG4 and Section 481 funded project that we are eagerly waiting to see on our screens.


And galloping into the final slot is the return of our IFTA "Best Reality Series" winner from earleir on this year Jockey Eile. Once again SBB and Joe Connolly trot around the country and are hunting for the next top jockey. Jockey Eile starts on Sunday November 17th at 815pm.