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It's hard to believe but Bog Stop, our fast moving kids quiz series, is about to start filming on May 17th in The Black Box in Galway city.  Based on the Australian format Go Go Stop we licenced this property from Ambience Entertainment back at MIPCOM in 2007 and its popularity has made it a returning series since our first production run.

Bog Stop is produced for RTE and broadcast on TG4 with Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill still presenting and most of the same production team still working away behind the cameras. Paidi Ó Lionaird, better know as a TG4 presenter, is still directing and Adrian Ferry is the Technical Leader who makes it all work smoothly on the day.

Shooting starts on May 17th and wraps on June 1st by which time we will have 66 shows in the can. Schools taking part come from all over Ireland and Bog Stop is now established as a major part of many schools' annual activities.

This series will be broadcast on TG4 from January 2013.