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The famous Gort a Choirce Cabbage makes its debut on Abu Media’s brand new gardening series Garraí Glas - More on www.garraiglas.ie


This 13 part series follows Síle Nic Chonaonaigh who spent the last year journeying around the country in search of a more organic and sustainable way of living. Each episode focuses on one individual who grows their own food organically, or wants to start, and Síle visits them a few times during the season. The resident expert is Jim McNamara at An tIonad Glas in Co. Limerick, and he gives Síle lessons in how to get the very best from an organic vegetable garden. There are visits to other experts too, and the season is spent foraging, beekeeping, composting, wine-making and goats-cheese tasting… among lots of other things.


In the third episode, Síle Nic Chonaonaigh is on a journey to find a more sustainable way of life, and this episode brings her to Glenveagh National Park, Donegal, to meet Dónal Ó Cnaimhsí, one of the gardeners there. Síle plants the reputedly giant Gort a’ Choirce cabbage and Dónal shows her how organic gardening is managed on a larger scale. She’s also brought on a woodland foraging trip by Jorg Muller of Solaris Botanicals, Galway. Also in this program are Jim McNamara at An tIonad Glas in Dromcollagher, Co Limerick and Hans Wieland of The Organic Centre, Co Leitrim.

Watch Garraí Glas every Sunday at 7.30 on TG4, repeated at 8.00 on Thursdays at 8.00.