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US Ambassador to Ireland Mr Dan Rooney, launches major new historical T.V Series.


Bóthar go dtí an White House

The story of how the Irish changed the face of American politics. 



At a reception in the Ambassadors Residence in Phoenix Park yesterday evening Ambassador Dan Rooney launched Abú Media's landmark 6 part Historical Documentary Series for TG4 'Bóthar go dtí an White House' which begins broadcasting on Thursday Sept 24th @10pm on TG4. 


The Series tells the  story of how the Irish changed the face of American politics charting the history of Irish-American politicians from the 1800's up to JFK's election as the first, and only, Catholic president of the United States. The series, filmed in both Ireland and America, follows the rise of Irish-American political machines in cities like New York, Boston, Kansas City and Chicago and features contributions from Pulitzer Prize winning authors such as Robert Caro and Jack Beatty. 


The 6 part series tell the story of 6 unique and powerful Irish-American Politicians whose ancestors all came to America as impoverished Irish immigrants. The Irish, by the very process of coming into America, changed the country. They were the first immigrant group in the US who seized upon politics as a means of making a living and they left an indelible mark on the American political landscape which stills resonates today. 


“When Abú Media began researching the series 'Bóthar go dtí an Whitehouse it became even more clear to us that a 100 years in American Politics from Tammany Hall up until the election of JFK is indeed an Irish Story.  It is a wonderful story of Irish Peasants who cross the Atlantic and over a period of time climb their way from the slums into the Political System  until they eventually get one of their own into the Whitehouse” says series producer Bríd Seoighe. 


The series opens in New York in the mid 1800's with the story of Richard 'Boss' Croker, it continues in New York with the story of Alfred E Smith. The series also covers the Kansas Machine with the story of Boss Tom Pendergast onto Boston with the James Michael Curley Story and Chicago with the Richard J Daley Story culminating with the John F Kennedy story. 


The series is directed by Dathaí Keane and produced by Bríd and Eileen Seoighe from Abú Media and Executive Producer is Pierce Boyce.


The series begins broadcasting on TG4 on Thursday 24th Sept @ 10pm for 6 weeks.