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Abú Media are always seeking partners for co-production opportunities and are open to work on projects as partners as well a service providers.

We offer extensive knowledge of the funding options in Ireland including the Film Tax Credit (Section 481), Screen Ireland schemes, WRAP Fund (exclusive to the West of Ireland where we are based), Sound & Vision scheme administered by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, National Broadcasters and International Sales Agents and Distributors.

Ireland has world class skilled shooting crews mobile throughout the island. Remember, its a small place so getting around is no big problem.

And our Tax incentive scheme Section 481 makes it very attractive to film or post produce here where the rate of Tax Credit is 37% of eligible Irish Expenditure. This incentive applies to Feature Films, Animation projects, TV dramas and Creative Documentaries.

Our in-house expertise can guide partners through the entire process seamlessly and manage all stages of the credit.

The WRAP (Western Regional Audiovisual Producers) Fund is exclusive to the West Coast of Ireland and Abú Media are perfectly positioned to access this for suitable projects.

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