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Grá Faoi Ghlas / Corona Couples

Grá Faoi Ghlas is a brand new dating format for couples who are already together! 


Shot during the Covid 19 lockdown this is a brand new entertainment (in containment) format devised and produced for couples going through the highs and lows of Lockdown during this Covid 19 crisis.


Couples suffering / enduring / loving (choose whichever is appropriate for you)  lockdown together must answer a series of progressively awkward questions that they’d rather not deal with in normal circumstances. As we ramp up the pressure with more and more revealing questions, can they continue to stay calm and answer the questions HONESTLY , or as honestly as they dare. 


What will your partner say when asked the most intimate questions about your relationship? Worse still, what will your in-Laws or best friends say about you two! For some it probably doesn’t bear thinking about, but for us it’s TV GOLD!


“Do you remember what your partner wore on your first date? What’s their favourite Song? What colour underwear are they wearing today? Who has the craziest family? 


And what did Mammy say when I told her we were getting married?” are just some of the questions posed and answered throughout the series. 


Because yes along the way we are also joined by part of the couples extended Tribe – the dreaded in-laws / mother-in-laws, father-in-laws, best (worst) friends and acquaintances.


This is “laugh along with” TV as we squirm in our seats watching these couples go through what for some of us would be our worst nightmares – to have to honestly answer our spouses leading questions and possibly give the worst wrong answer ever. 

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