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Projects in Development

The Hunt for Red Hugh

1 60 min Documentary Film

This is a major historical documentary to mix science and historical analysis inspired by teh dig for the remains of Red Hugh O'Donnell in Valladolid in Spain. Currently in Development with TG4 and Northern Ireland Screen ILBF (irish LAnguage Broadcast Fund) in conjunction with Brassneck Productions from Derry.

Producer : Pierce Boyce

Director : Keith O Grady

Writers : Pierce Boyce / Keith O Grady

Production dates Autumn 2022 for delivery Summer 2023


A  90 min Feature Film

This feature film is being developed with funding from our partners in Screen Ireland, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and national broadcaster TG4 under the CINE4 scheme. We have already made one feature film FINKY,  under this scheme that premiered at Galway Film Fleadh in 2019 and won Best Cinematography Award.

Young Eve Connors must follow in her dead fathers footsteps and conquer her fear and perform on the largest stage in Ireland with his coveted Blue Fiddle. A coming of age movie with love, friendship, family and great Irish traditional music at its heart.

Writer - Trish Forde

Producer - Bríd Seoighe

Director - Anne McCabe

Slated for Production in Autumn 2020

Available in 5K



Na Craggies is a brand-new, uniquely Irish drama series for young people that weaves social media, humour, heart, action, and mystery elements to create a series unlike any this country has produced to date. Featuring an array of as-yet undiscovered local talent, and teenage oriented storylines that will resonate with an audience drifting further and further away from broadcast television, Na Craggies is a distinctly modern, multi-platform young people’s drama that is rooted in Ireland – an Irish Stranger Things (but without the monsters).


The series is set in a children’s home located on the West coast of Ireland called Na Blátha Craige, home to seven long-term residents known to all as The Craggies. They range in age from 10 to 16 and are all struggling with the everyday trials of teenage life – love, friendship, responsibility – with the added agony of feeling that they are outcasts; unwanted and unloved. But, like the flowers that grow in the rocky crevices, the Craggies are resilient. 


Emotional, cinematic, and rooted in character, The Craggies is a series about a group of kids looking for a Family and a place to call Home. It’s about growing up. It is about defying authority, standing up for yourself, claiming independence and, sometimes, being a total dick.

Currently in development with funding form Screen Ireland, the WRAP fund, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and national broadcaster TG4.

Available in 5k from January 2021.

THE FENIANS (How the Irish Invented Terrorism)

This is a story about Ireland involving America & Britain. Secret societies, science, secret agents, spies, secret police, double agents, double crosses, black ops, propaganda, paranoia & destruction. And a terrible legacy.


BUT, and here is the big BUT, it has also at the same time contributed to the founding of the modern Irish state, through the 1916 Easter Rising. We have questions to answer, possibly about our heroes & icons. Their motivations, methods & those whom are held up as “most revered” in the pantheon of Irish republican dead.


Irish republican icons or masters of destruction & fear? We shall see.


Was it the Provisional IRA what did it, who invented terrorism one might ask? Birmingham Bombings, Canary Wharf,  the Brighton bombing, the massacre in Enniskillen? No, The Provo’s didn’t invent modern terrorism, but they did copy a much older Irish form of it invented back in the 1880’s by the world’s first organised terror group – The Fenians.


Yes, the Fenians can claim to be the first terrorists as we know it. Irish republican icon and prominent Fenian Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa was king among them & fiercely proud of it. He even called himself “the great dynamite fiend”. Was he the Osama Bin Laden of his day? Possibly, yet he got a “state” funeral in Dublin in 1915.


Slated for Production 2019.

Landmark Historical Documentary available in 5K

**Seeking Co-Production Partners and Sales Agent


When trying desperately to set up Skype on his phone and laptop, complete technophobe and  all round loser Gary Archer inadvertently creates a mischievous clone of himself who turns his life upside down. The Gary clone is Mr Extrovert so trying to keep his life from going insane and not losing his first ever girlfriend, the real Gary has to try to find a a way of reversing the mishap before it's too late.

Romantic Comedy Feature Film

**Seeking Development Financing

TUATHA (Too Hah)

Ireland has 4 great mythical artefacts lost to the mists of time. They are the Stone of Destiny (Lia Fáil), Sword of Light (Claoimh Solas), Cauldron of Dagda (Coiree Dagdae) and the Spear of Lugh (Slea Bua). Legend has it that if all can be gathered by one person, they will have untold power. When the Stone of Destiny is removed from its site on the HIll of Tara, Trinity College Professor Margaret Blennerhasset uncovers a plot so frightening that she can scarcely believe it can be true. In a race against time she must find the remaining treasures to stop the plot or the unimaginable may happen.

Supernatural suspense thriller TV drama series

** Seeking Development Finance

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