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Jockey Eile (Jockey Stars)

An Abú Media Original Reality Format

Creator - Pierce Boyce

Producer - Pierce Boyce

Dircetor - Cathal Watters

Irish Film & Television Awards (IFTA)

Winner Best Reality Show 2012



Have you ever fancied yourself as a Jockey? Well, now with Jockey Stars your dreams can come true.

Jockey Stars takes wannabe jockeys and turns them into real jockeys.

How do you make Jockey Stars? Well to start with you need 2 racing mad mentors, 2 top jockeys and 2 boot camp drill sergeants. Throw in 20 wannabe jockeys & horses and the racing can begin.

Over a period of 8 weeks these young hopefuls are brought through boot camp and then placed in professional racing yards before attaining their Jockey Permit which allows the to take part in the final race, The Jockey Stars Challenge Cup run at a top racecourse.

This format has thrills spills laughter and tears, emotion and jubilation. It’s a roller-coaster ride on thoroughbred horses, galloping from week to week where its winner takes all.


Jockey Stars was first broadcast in Ireland on TG4 in September 2012 as 'Jockey Eile' and won the Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) for Best Reality Series in February 2013.

Why licence this format?

  • Creates stories with real heart

  • Makes the impossible dreams possible

  • Engages with a young and Female audience

  • Appealing to possible sponsors

  • Great opportunities for additional online add-ons

  • Its full of suspense, tension and jeopardy

  • Cheap and extremely cost efficient to make

  • Its a WINNER!

Click here for a link to our Facebook page for the series for more behind the scenes images, trailers, outtakes and fan feedback.

Click here to view our Publicity stunt we pulled to promote the series which now has nearly 3 million You Tube Views! An dyes, we got in big trouble for it but it was fun.

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