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Bog Stop

30 mins Kids Quiz Show

Bog Stop is the fast moving quiz show where schools go head to head on 30 plasma screens known as the Zone

Abú Media acquired the Australian format Go Go Stop from Ambience Entertainment and went on to produce over 600 individual episodes of the format for RTE in Ireland.

Produced for Abú Media by Pierce Boyce & Bríd Seoighe

Presented by Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill

Maire Treasa 3 _ Bog Stop.jpg

Kitchen Whiz

30 mins Kids Quiz Show

Following the success of Bog Stop Abú Media acquired the format rights for Ireland for another Ambience kids show called Kitchen Whiz. We have since produced 132 episodes of the Irish version again for RTE.

Produced for Abú Media by Bríd Seoighe and Eileen Seoighe

Directed by Rachel Moriarty

Starring Muireann Ní Chiobháin & Eoin O'Loidean.

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