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Abú Media are one of the leading Dubbing facilities in Ireland.

We annually dub in excess of 200 hours of broadcast materials for national broadcasters RTE and TG4

This expertise has been built up now with over 25 years of experience in this specialised field.

Our Audio staff and equipment are fully geared up to deliver any dubbing requirement that you might have from script translation, ADR, audio editing, directing and HD delivery in any format required.

We are always happy to discuss new work as a service provider or collaborator.

To date we have had the immense fun & pleasure to have dubbed South Park (181 Episodes) , Fraggle Rock, Dennis & Gnasher, Camp Lazlo, Harvey Beaks and many many more.

We also reversion and repackaged shows  such as Survivor, Red Bull X-Fighters and Red Bull Air Race into Gaelic for transmission on TG4.

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