Upcoming productions.

New film & tv productions in-development in 2024.

The Search for Red Hugh

1 hour documentary looking at the life of Irelands last great chieftan Red Hugh O’Donnell and the scientific search for his remains in Valladolid in Spain. A co-production with Brassneck Films, Derry.

Room 56

A suspenseful 4 x 1 hour TV drama series set in New York, Ireland and England in the 1880’s.


4 x 1 hour drama set in contemporary Ireland as Professor Ann O’Driscoll must use her brains and academic background to stop the 4 great mythical treasures of Ireland from falling into the wrong hands, unleashing a terrible power that could wipe out humanity.

The Big Mouth

Full length comedy feature film.


2 x 1 hour factual series on the Birth of Terrorism by the IRA in England in the 1880’s

and one mans attempt to stop it.

The Ark in Ireland

A unique Irish story, as bizarre as it is true. It covers a search for the Ark of the Covenant by British-Israelites on the Hill of Tara (1899-1902) & the Irish nationalist protests against it. This story is mad, bizarre, fun but with real historical truth. It stretches back to biblical myth when in 580BC the Prophet Jeremiah came to Ireland with a beautiful woman Scota whom he married off to a powerful Irish chieftain…… but what else did he bring with him? Could it have been the Ark of the Covenant? Well some people thought so.

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