Red Roses & Petrol

Feature Film Co-Production with Rock n Read Productions Los Angeles 2003 Set in Dublin Red Roses and Petrol is a story of deception and love, with glowing performances, by Malcolm McDowell and the fine ensemble cast, so realistic that all viewers, Irish or otherwise, will recognize their own families in director Tamar Simon Hoffs’ beautiful and poignant film. Enda Doyle, a failed poet, had a secret past. If nothing else, spending an evening with the combustible Doyle clan as they gather for his funeral, and uncover all the skeletons in his closet, will leave you feeling good that your own family is not as crazy as they seem.

Cast & Crew

Cast – Malcolm McDowell, Olivia Tracey, Heather Juergensen Directed By Tamar Simon Hoffs Music by Susanna Hoffs, Floggin Molly, Charlei Lennon Co-Producer – Pierce Boyce Distributor – World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC)

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