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Finky is our new feature film starring IFTA award winners Dara Devaney & Ned Dennehy with Dathai Keane directing and Cathal Watters acting as DoP.

It will have its world premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh on Thursday July 11th at 6pm. Followed by a Q&A with ourselves and Dathai Keane the director.

It's a powerful, moving and emotional tale that will leave audiences questioning our main character at the end. 

Looking for an amazing Sales Agent to bring it to the world for us now. 

What has been said about it ; 

Donald Clarke - The Irish Trimes

It’s also worth keeping an eye on Dathaí Keane’s Finky. The creator of the TV series An Klondike casts Dara Devaney in the tale of a puppeteer who gains a kind of redemption after suffering an accident in Glasgow. There are no signs that the picture will fit into any cosy categories. Colour us intrigued.

Will Fitzgerald - Galway Film Fleadh Director of Programmer

A fantastical Celtic odyssey that, for all its horror, provides a sense of tribal belonging

Here is a totally secret link to the trailer that no one is meant to have but to hell with secrecy. Watch and we hope you are moved by it. Comments to



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