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A Journeys End

A Journeys End is a a 30 minute documentary film on Galway Street trader Gerry Devanney aired as part of RTE's Townlands strand in 2003. Gerry, Galway's best known street trader, was adopted at birth and here we follow his quest for answers as to who his real mother was and where are his siblings if they are still alive today. We eventually find the answers but are they enough to satisfy Gerry or will his search continue?

30 min Doc. An Abú Media Original Production

​Written and Directed by Eileen Seoighe

Produced by Pierce Boyce.


Stephen Griffen a young soldier from Galway was the first Irish soldier to be killed in Lebanon while serving there in the Irish batallion. ‘Lebanon’ tells the story of this young mans life as a soldier 22 years after his death.

30 mins Doc. Broadcast on RTE1 in 2001.​

Produced & Directed by Eileen Seoighe.

Síol na Saoirse

‘Síol na Saoirse - Malawi’ follows the story of Mayo born priest Fr Pádraig ó Máílle who lived in Malawi through a time of great social and political change and reveals the part he played in helping to overthrow the dictatorship government of President Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Nominated for a Radharc Award in best ‘single documentary’ category.

Broadcast on RTE1 in 1999.

Produced & Directed by Eileen Seoighe.

Henry O'Donnell
Hugh Odonnell

Henry O'Donnell is a story of tragedy, world records and personal triumph against the odds. What makes this story truly awesome is that in 1992 Henry, who was back then an Elite Army Ranger, fractured his neck in 3 places and spent 4 months in a body cage to stop any further damage being done to his spine. He could neither walk nor talk and had to be taught to do both again from scratch. He eschewed all the conventional methods of recovery and decided to plan his own treatment and after much pain and many setbacks

he made a full recovery. They said it couldn’t be done but Henry did it. "Doctor, if you can just get my feet back on the ground I'll do the rest" - Henry O'Donnell 1992.

30 min doc SD.​ Broadcast on TG4 2003.

Written and Directed by Pierce Boyce

Produced by Brid Seoighe & Eileen Seoighe

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