Go Gasta

52 min Family Entertainment series, ​3 seasons - 30 Hours available ​An Abú Media Original Production This is a brand new exciting family entertainment format spec tally commissioned for Irish television in the primetime Sunday night at 830pm slot. This hour long format is all about fun, excitement, gender equality, cross community involvement and health and wellbeing. ​Each episode sees 2 teams from locals towns or villages made up of different age groups and genders race against each other from one town to the next. Along the way each team must negotiate 9 different obstacles built along the way. And. all the while carrying a 3 metre long heavy rope. ​Filmed all over Ireland in the summer of 2019 it will start broadcasting on. TG4 on Sunday October 13th and runs for 10 weeks. ​Season 2 was filmed in 2020 and is scheduled for Summer 2020. Season 3 has started broadcast on TG4 and goes out weekly in Sunday nights at 2030 and repeated again on Wednesdays at 1930hours

Cast & Crew

Format - Pierce Boyce Director - Evan Chamberlain / Conor ODnovan / Luke Mc Manus / Pierce Boyce Showrunner - Pierce Boyce Producers - Bríd Seoighe & Eileen Seoighe

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