Fidil Ghorm – Irish Premiere

Exciting News!

Fidil Ghorm will be premiered at the 36th Annual Film Fleadh on the 10th of July 2024 at 18:30 in the Town Hall Theatre.

Tickets are available:

Fidil Ghorm tells the story of 10-year Molly who believes that if she learns to play the fiddle like her dad, she can wake him up from a coma. When he is moved to a rehab centre, she overhears her mother say that it would probably take a miracle to wake him. Molly becomes curious and asks ‘what is a miracle?’ Her mother tells her that ‘it’s a kind of magic’ and Molly’s world of imagination goes into overdrive. In the rehab home she meets Malachy, a grumpy man, who plays the fiddle beautifully and she is told that he has “magic in his hands”. They eventually make a connection and thus begins her journey to find the magic in the music that she believes may heal her Dad.